Making Your Articles More Interesting by Adding Videos to Your Blog Posts

Hello and welcome to this easy-to-understand (hopefully) series of articles on blogging for beginners. This article is all about adding videos to your blog posts. Please note that you can also find this series of articles on blogging for beginners as a Kindle eBook. I personally think that if you are looking for help to learn how to blog, then downloading the ebook will make your life a lot easier. It’s also incredibly cheap (or maybe even free if you happen to find it on a promo day!) so click on the image below.

Making your own videos is something you definitely need to think about. I also know that most people are not overly keen to do videos but if you can, you certainly must try. The trick is to work out what you want to do and then do it on a regular basis. Let’s look at that in more detail.

B. Decide on What You’re Going to Video

First of all, when starting out adding videos to your blog posts, you need to decide what you want to do. For example, I have a client I’m working with at the moment, although it’s early stages. He is a board game designer and illustrator and wants to use videos to promote his services. The problem is that one of his illustrations can take up to 11 hours to complete. Obviously, this is completely unrealistic for a video.

So, what we decided to do was look at different stages of an illustration and just video those parts. We’re also going to do some serious editing to keep those videos down to reasonably short lengths, 10 minutes or so. 

So, sit down and decide how you can make whatever you do into a video that is short enough for people to click on. If you can’t make short videos, make longer ones and then split them up. Try not to make any video more than 10 minutes long. So, when you’re recording a video and it’s coming up to 10 minutes, do a little end speech and then continue as if it’s a new video. That will make your life a lot easier when it comes to editing.

C. How Often Should You Publish a Video

How often you need to publish a video is a similar question (if that’s what I mean) to the age-old question of how often you need to publish a blog post. You need to be realistic here in the same way as you should be with your articles. 

adding videos to your blog posts

The good news is that you definitely don’t need to do a video every day. That’s because you’re not some spotty teenager making fun of boomers. I know that because if you were a spotty teenager, you wouldn’t be reading this article.

In fact, depending on what your videos are about we may only be using them to make your articles more interesting rather than as a way to drive traffic to your site. Having said that, even though your videos may just be to make your articles more interesting, they will still drive traffic to your website because they are going to be on YouTube. 

Having just re-read that, I am not sure that it made a lot of sense. The point I’m trying to make is that we can use videos to make articles more interesting and we can use them to drive traffic, so they are pretty much obligatory.

D. How to Upload YouTube Videos

When adding videos to your blog posts, you first need to upload them to YouTube. Now, I don’t really want to go into how to make and upload YouTube videos for a couple of reasons. Firstly, while it is not very difficult, it is not that easy to explain in words.

adding videos to your blog posts

And secondly, following on from the first reason, it’s much easier and better to watch YouTube training videos anyway. Additionally, YouTube has a whole range of training videos dedicated to what you need to do. If you google “YouTube Learning”, you can watch lots of videos showing you everything you need to know.

Now, before you start watching, take some of the advice with a pinch of salt. If you want to start a recipe blog and use videos to show your off your skills, your videos certainly need to be entertaining and you should sound excited about what you’re doing. However, if you are showing people how to change a plug, I don’t think you need to sound like someone who’s trying to sell something to teenagers. 

Remember what we talked about when thinking about your audience. Think about the type of people who are most likely to watch your video and use language that is appropriate for them. Mind you, there is nothing wrong in sounding like you’re enjoying yourself. Even a video about changing a plug needs to be entertaining enough to keep people watching.

E. Other Video Hosting Platforms

Once you get the hang of YouTube, upload your videos to other video hosting platforms as well. You’re not going to get the same results as you will with YouTube but every little bit helps. And the good news is you can just copy everything you did on YouTube; it’s not like you need to come up with original content.

adding videos to your blog posts

Here are a few suggestions:


Not all those video hosting sites will work for the type of video you’ll make. You’ll need to check out each platform and decide if it is appropriate for your type of video. Generally, if you have videos that can go on YouTube, which you will have, then they will certainly be able to go on DailyMotion and Vimeo. As for the others, you can make up your own mind.

F. Wrapping It All Up

If you are adding videos to your blog posts, they can certainly make your articles more interesting. They’re also a great way to drive traffic to your website. And there are many other benefits. For example, the videos on my YouTube channel have links to my ebooks on Amazon and will probably have other links in the future.

Of course, recording videos is not for everyone and if you really feel that having a YouTube channel is not for you, then forget it. But at least give it a try. If you’re rubbish at it, just don’t take it too seriously; you’d be surprised how bad you can be and still make videos that people want to watch. After all, people watch mine!

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