How to Write Great Blog Posts That Will Get You Lots of Visitors

Hello and welcome to this easy-to-understand (hopefully) series of articles on blogging for beginners. This article is all about how to write great blog posts. Please note that you can also find this series of articles on blogging for beginners as a Kindle eBook. I personally think that if you are looking for help to learn how to blog, then downloading the ebook will make your life a lot easier. It’s also incredibly cheap (or maybe even free if you happen to find it on a promo day!) so click on the image below.

One of the best ways to keep visitors reading your blog posts is to make them interesting. And the best way to make them interesting is to pack them full of useful information. Let’s look at a few ways you can make your blog posts have real value.

And as we have used a travel blog as an example for a few times, let’s choose another type of blog. Hopefully, some of you who are reading this may be tradespeople. And I’m always amazed at how many plumbing, electrical, or even general building websites I come across that do not even have the most basic have of blogs.

So, say you’re a plumber. You can write an article about how to fix a dripping tap. Now, I am pretty sure there are thousands of articles about how to fix dripping taps so how do you write your article to make it have more value than all the others?

Making Your Blog Posts Stand Out

Now, remember that I’m not a plumber so if you are, please forgive any technical mistakes I make here. The first thing to remember when thinking about how to write great blog posts is trying to make your posts stand out.

Rather than talking about how to fix one type of dripping tap, you could talk about different types of tap, in what ways they work differently, and the reasons why each tap might be susceptible to dripping. You could also talk about why taps drip and what preventative measures people could take to stop them dripping in the first place if that’s possible. You might also want to talk about different taps in different locations i.e. bathroom, kitchen, and garden.

how to write great blog posts

Has there been any research done on which taps remain drip-free the longest? Perhaps you could create a table of brands of taps from the best performing to the worst. Or a table based on the best value for money so that people doing DIY on a budget can buy the best tap within their price range.

As a specialist in whatever field you are in, I am sure that you can come up with angles that other people haven’t thought about and that’s what you need to constantly be doing. If you write an article on XYZ, how can you make it stand out from all the other articles on XYZ? If you can do this, your entire blog will stand out from all the others.

Quality Over Quantity Is Always Best

Next, when thinking about how to write great blog posts is to understand that it’s quality that counts. You do not need to publish two or three posts every day. It’s not even necessary to publish a post every day. In fact, you don’t even need to publish a post every two or three days. What you do need to do is publish posts on a regular basis. So, don’t be concerned if it takes you a day or two to come up with really original posts.

how to write great blog posts

If you CAN publish a high-quality post every day, great. However, if you can only publish a great post once a week, then that’s what you should do. Remember what we said earlier about marathons and sprints? It’s important to remember that your goal is a blog that attracts lots of visitors a week. That’s not going to happen if you rush things.

Write and publish the best possible posts you can. If it takes a week, don’t worry. Remember that the more experience you have of coming up with great ideas, the more quickly you will come up with new, great ideas. Plus, as you get better at writing posts, you’ll get faster at writing them as well. So, what may take a week to write when you first start out, may eventually only take a couple of days, or even a couple of hours.

Be Prepared to Revisit Your Old Posts

And be prepared to go back to your older posts and ‘fix’ them. You may think that your blog posts are the best thing since sliced bread but your visitors may disagree. As you get better at writing, you’ll realise that the first posts you wrote may need some work to look less embarrassing. 

For example, you may notice that your visitors are clicking on your links. However, they are not sticking around to read your articles i.e. your bounce rate is high. If that’s the case, then you’ll need to revisit your articles and ask yourself why. All it may require is shorter paragraphs, a few more subheadings, or more images to break up the text.

It’s also much better to revisit your posts and make them look better than to write completely new posts. Your older posts are already being ranked on Google. Thus, with just a little extra effort, they may rank much higher. Writing new posts means that you are starting each new post from scratch.

E. To Outsource or Not To Outsource

Finally, if you want to speed up the process, you can always hire someone to do the work for you. In every book I have written and will write, I will always recommend NOT hiring people to write for you. 

how to write great blog posts

Personally, I don’t like other people writing for me so I always do my own. However, if I am writing a post that requires a lot of research, I may decide to pay someone to do the research for me. In this way, I save time with research but still have my own voice when I write the article itself.

If you do pay someone to do the research for you, one important thing to remember is to make sure that they include all the links to the sources they used. This is important for two reasons. Firstly, you need those links to be able to add outbound links to your post. Secondly, if the research includes any data that comes from other people’s research, you should cite the source so you don’t get accused of plagiarism.

Wrapping It All Up

A slightly shorter article on how to write great blog posts, which is always nice. In this article, we looked at writing blog posts. We talked about how often you should write a blog post. Also, we looked at how quality over quantity will always win the day. We also talked about editing your older posts rather than writing completely new posts. 

And finally, we talked about outsourcing. In my opinion, outsourcing is not the worst thing in the world. However, I personally think that it should be used sparingly at best. Apart from anything else, you are never going to get better as a writer if you pay someone to do it for you!

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