How to Create a WordPress Site Icon in 10 Minutes Flat

Hello and welcome to this article about creating a WordPress site icon. If you have stumbled upon this post from Gawd knows where, you may be interested to know that this is from a series of articles from a Kindle eBook called, “How to Set Up a WordPress Website from Scratch.” If you would prefer to buy the book to make life easier, feel free to download it by clicking the image below.

Finally, we are going to look at the ‘Site Icon’. This is well worth doing if only for the reason that it shows you think that paying attention to detail is important. It is also really easy to do but here is a quick bit of training on how to sort out the site icon. Here’s the video if you’d like to see how to do it.

First of all, you need to decide what you want your site icon to be. General, there are only four options. You can choose:

– an image
– a logo
– first letters 
– a combination of those three

Since I’m selling eBooks, I’m thinking about using something like an eBook as a site icon. Let’s see what we can do using two different FREE websites.

EDIT: As you can see from my site icon, I actually went down a different path and designed it to look similar to the cover page that I use on Amazon for my eBooks

Finding a Free Image

The first site you can make use of is Do a search for an image you like the look of. Remember, the site icon is 512×512, so you should download an image that is bigger than the smallest choice you have on Pixabay. 

WordPress site icon

Editing Your WordPress Site Icon

Now, you need to use another site called Pixlr to reduce the size of the image. Once you are on the site, upload the image that you have just downloaded from Pixabay. Next, crop the image to make it square. Then, you can reduce the size of the image to 512×512. That’s your WordPress site icon.

WordPress site icon

Now, find the ‘Site Identity’ in your customisation. Hint: it’s where you change the site title and tagline. Then, click ‘Select Site Icon’ and upload your 512×512 image. Now, if you look at the tab of your own site, there should be a little image in the tab itself. Hover the cursor over the tab, and you should see the title, and a tagline as well. If you do, you have done everything correctly.

Wrapping Creating a WordPress Site Icon Up

And that is pretty much it for creating a WordPress site icon. Of course, you can play around with the site icon and customisation for as long as you want but you won’t really know how your website looks until your site has of content on it. Until this happens, you should be prepared to go back to customise your website at least a couple more times. Let’s now look at installing WordPress plugins.

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