Getting Guest Bloggers to Create Content for Your Website

Hello and welcome to this easy-to-understand (hopefully) series of articles on blogging for beginners. This article is all about getting guest bloggers for your website. Please note that you can also find this series of articles on blogging for beginners as a Kindle eBook. I personally think that if you are looking for help to learn how to blog, then downloading the ebook will make your life a lot easier. It’s also incredibly cheap (or maybe even free if you happen to find it on a promo day!) so click on the image below.

The benefits of writing guest posts are obvious. The more posts you write for other sites, the more backlinks you’ll get, the more Google will love your site. But what about getting other people to write blog posts for you? Are there benefits in that?

Well, firstly, ask yourself why all these other blogs want people to write content for them. What’s the biggest challenge for any blog? Content, right? So, if you have lots of people writing for your blog, you have lots of people doing your work for you. 

This means that instead of writing content, you could be concentrating on marketing your blog, which is where the money comes from anyway. So, let’s look at the details.

B. Guest Bloggers Are Great for Traffic

There are a few more benefits to getting someone to blog for you than just creating content. Your guest blogger will market your blog for you because they want people to know that they wrote a post on your website. If they have a big following on social media and tell their followers to check out their blog post, you’re going to get a lot of extra traffic. The great thing is you didn’t actually do anything to get that extra traffic. How cool is that?

Plus, with guest bloggers, they may be sending you traffic from sources that are different from your usual sources. Google, Bing and other search engines will notice this and like it. What search engines are saying to themselves is that your blog is getting lots of new traffic. This means it must have even more value than it had before. And this will move your site up the search engines ranking.

Right at the beginning of this book, I talked about quality over quantity. We said that one great blog post a week is better than one “meh” blog post a day. Now, imagine if you have lots of people guest blogging on your site. And also imagine that they are making the same effort as you are with your guest posts. If you’re getting one great blog post a day instead of once a week, search engines are going to be more a lot more excited than they were before.

How to Find Guest Bloggers

This is pretty easy but it still takes some effort. As we already know, people want to do guest blog posts because they want the backlinks to their own sites. So, all you have to do is make it known that you are accepting guest bloggers on your site. You could put a banner on the homepage saying “Guest Bloggers Wanted”. Add a link so when people click the banner, they will get taken to a page with a little summary of what you’re looking for with a means of contacting you, and then wait for people to contact you.

getting guest bloggers

Of course, putting a banner on your website is easy but it probably won’t get you the results you’re looking for. If it doesn’t, contacting potential guest bloggers can be a little tricky. Since I have absolutely no idea what sort of site you have created, I can’t tell you exactly what you should do. However, here are a couple of ideas you can try if they are appropriate for you.

Other Places to Find Bloggers

Facebook groups are a great place to find willing guest bloggers. For example, I am a member of many blogging groups on Facebook. If I need any ‘volunteers’, I just copy and paste a message into all of the groups and wait for people to contact me. You may need to do this a few times and be proactive! People are intrinsically lazy, even when you are offering something that will benefit them directly.

getting guest bloggers

If you’re a local businessman or tradesman, you may be able to ask people directly. If you’re Pete the Plumber and you know Eric the Electrician and Keith the Carpenter, ask them for an article, or even a series of articles. Obviously, if they don’t have their own blogs, then they aren’t going to be interested in a link to their website.

However, you can be creative here. If they have a Facebook page or some other form of social media, they could put a link to whatever they use. If they are a member of a local online business directory, they could add a link to that. And if they live their life completely offline, you should speak to them about all the opportunities they are missing and then suggest they put their phone number at the bottom of their article.  

By the way, just a quick note about people who say things like, “How much will you pay me?” The payment is a backlink, phone number, or and anything else they may get from it. You can tell them that you never ask for payment when you do guest blogging and expect others not to as well. However, if they want money, just say no and move on. If they can’t see the benefit of a guest blog post, then they are probably not the right people to be speaking to anyway.

Set Up a Page with Requirements

You also need to set up a page summarising what you need from your guest bloggers. Remember what I said about people being lazy. Don’t make the mistake of just telling people to do what they want. They’ll end up doing nothing that you want to put on your website. Setting up a page listing what you need from guest bloggers will save you a huge amount of time.

getting guest bloggers

Again, I can’t really tell you what your requirements should be but whatever you decide, the posts should add value to your site. Here are a few examples:

– Content must be 1000 to 1500 words long.
– Must include subheadings every 200 words max.
– Should include images.
– Content must be 100% original.
– Maximum of 1 – 2 backlinks.
– Backlinks must not be in the introduction of the post.
– In-post backlinks cannot go to a landing page.
– Landing page link can be in the “About the Author” box.

Don’t be afraid to set up a requirements page. None of the above is in any way unreasonable and by keeping to the above, you are making sure that the post will be a win for you and a win for your guest blogger. Again, if people don’t want to follow the requirements, just tell them you’ll look elsewhere for guest bloggers. Don’t negotiate the quality of your site away for a few free blog posts.

Wrapping It All Up

And there you have it. We have now covered both being a guest blogger and inviting people to be guest bloggers on your site. Don’t be too nervous to take action here. The benefits to you, whether as a guest blogger or as someone looking for guest bloggers, are many. 

Just remember not to expect results overnight. As with pretty much anything worth doing in life, if you do the work to lay down solid foundations for a good blogging policy now, you’ll reap the benefits for years to come.

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