Customising a WordPress Website Theme the Easy Way

Hello and welcome to this article about customising a WordPress website theme. If you have stumbled upon this post from Gawd knows where, you may be interested to know that this is from a series of articles from a Kindle eBook called, “How to Set Up a WordPress Website from Scratch.” If you would prefer to buy the book to make life easier, feel free to download it by clicking the image below.

The problem we may have here is that the choice you made for your theme and the choice I made for mine will almost certainly be different. However, don’t let that worry you. Most of what we are going to do in this section will be very similar no matter what theme you chose. Any differences we may discover as we go along will probably not be that major. 

Additionally, if you check out the video, you can see that I am customising a WordPress website theme without tons of options to make life difficult. Hopefully, you have something similar but if you don’t, don’t worry. Just take your time working through all the options.

Customising a WordPress Website Theme

The first thing you need to do when customising a WordPress website theme is to click on ‘Customise’. You can do that in the left-hand sidebar in the ‘Appearance’ link. However, if you’re signed into WordPress and you’re on your website, you should see ‘Customise’ in the black menu bar next to the name of your website.

When you see the customisations menus on the left, you’ll have a few different options depending on what theme you have installed. However, you should see at least some of the following:

customising a WordPress website theme

And so on. If you then click on ‘Theme Options’, you should see a few more options such as:

– Getting Started
– Site Identity
– Colours
– Header Options

Try and Make Your Website Your Own

And so on again. Go into each one and have a play. You CANNOT break your website so don’t be scared about changing stuff here. Have some fun with this and try and see if you can design a website that either reflects what your website is about or shows that you have a personality.

Customising a theme is similar to choosing a theme to install. It is very much up to you. Be adventurous until you come up with something that you are happy with. Just don’t go too crazy. You don’t want your site to look too ‘busy’ as that is a BIG turn off to many people.

Wrapping Customising a WordPress Website Theme Up

And there you go. A very short article because there is not that much to say. Customising a WordPress website theme is really all about you and there is not much that anyone can tell you. Have fun with this bit and as I said, try to make your website your own. In the next article, we’re going to look at setting up WordPress website menus.

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